Through its food service program, the Board encourages students to form healthy eating habits by governing the types of food and beverages sold in the schools and the time and place at which each type of food and beverage is sold. These standards are based on the following guidelines.

1. The types of food and beverages sold in the schools are determined by their potential to contribute significantly to the:

A. daily nutritional needs of students, consistent with the guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture;

B. provisions of the District’s student wellness program and

C. nutritional guidelines established by State law.

2. A licensed dietician, a registered dietetic technician or a certified/credentialed school nutrition specialist must be initially consulted to assist the food services supervisor in drafting for Board adoption a plan:

A. for complying with and enforcing the nutritional standards governing the types of food and beverages that may be sold on school premises in compliance with State law and

B. specifying the time and place each type of food or beverage may be sold.

3. The time of day and place for the sale of food and beverages to students must be consistent with the nutrient intake needs and eating patterns of students and compatible with class schedules. The following restrictions are enforced for non-breakfast/lunch food and beverage sales:

A. Vending machines offering foods or beverages that do not meet the nutritional standards established by the District may not be operated during the school day. The Board reserves the right to totally restrict the sale of non-nutritional foods and beverages in vending machines.

B. Bake sales and other school fundraising activities involving food and beverage items may not be held during the school day.

4. Annually, the food services supervisor reviews and recommends to the Board the types of foods and beverages to be sold as part of the school breakfast and lunch programs.

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Separate standards may be established for the types of food and beverages to be sold to staff members and for special or extracurricular events.

[Adoption date: August 13, 1997]
[Re-adoption date: September 10, 2007]
[Re-adoption date: April 9, 2012]

LEGAL REFS.: ORC 3313.814; 3313.816; 3313.817
OAC 3301-91-09
CROSS REFS.: EF, Food Services Management
EFG, Student Wellness Program
IGDF, Student Fundraising Activities